Research Track

Best Paper
  • Surface Name Errors in Wikipedia
    Anuj Khare (IIT Guwahati) and Amit Awekar (IIT Guwahati)
Honourable Mention
  • Efficient Depth-First Search Approach for Mining Injective General Episodes
    Santhosh Gandreti(IISc Bangalore) and P.S. Sastry (IISc Bangalore)
  • Gradient Perturbation-based Efficient Deep Ensembles
    Amit Chandak (IIT Kanpur), Purushottam Kar (IIT Kanpur) and Piyush Rai (IIT Kanpur)
  • Solving Age-Word Problems Using Domain Ontology and BERT
    Akshay Gupta (IIT Madras), Suresh Kumar (IIT Madras) and Sreenivasa Kumar (IIT Madras)

Applied Data Science

Best Paper
  • Agent-based Learning Approach to Electric Vehicle Routing Problem with Vehicle-to-Grid Supply and Battery Swapping
    Ajay Narayanan (TCS Research), Prasant Misra(TCS Research), Ankush Ojha(TCS Research), Abhinav Gupta(TCS Research), Supratim Ghosh (TCS Research)andArunchandar Vasan(TCS Research)

Demo Track

Best Paper
  • UDAAN - Machine Learning based Post-Editing tool for Document Translation
    Ayush Maheshwari (IIT Bombay), Ajay Ravindraan(IIT Bombay), Venkatapathy Subramanian(IIT Bombay) and Ganesh Ramakrishnan(IIT Bombay)

Young Researchers’ Symposium

Best Paper
  • DeepHalo - Finding Dark Matter Halo Substructure Using Deep Learning
    Jyotirmaya Shivottam (National Institute of Science Education and Research) and Subhankar Mishra(National Institute of Science Education and Research)
Honourable Mention
  • Using Natural Language Processing to Enhance Understandability of Financial Texts
    Sohom Ghosh (Jadavpur University) and Sudip Kumar Naskar (Jadavpur University)