Student Travel Grants

CODS-COMAD 2024, with generous support from the sponsors, will provide travel assistance to a limited number of full-time students from degree granting institutions to attend the conference in person. While students with accepted papers are given preference, there are a limited number of grants for other students who are interested in attending. The goal is to promote participation of students from a diverse set of institutions and backgrounds who can benefit from attending a leading conference on data science and engaging with experts and their peers. We strongly encourage participants of the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), Young Researcher’s Symposium and ACM India PhD Clinic tracks to apply for the travel grant.

The travel grant includes partial monetary support to cover the travel, a subsidized registration to the conference and a shared accommodation at no cost. The prospective participants will have to first register to avail the grant.

Important: Students who are provided the travel grant MUST attend all four days of the conference physically.

Faculty Travel Grant under the D&I track

CODS-COMAD 2024 will also provide travel assistance to the faculty members of Indian Universities under the Diversity and Inclusion track only. The grant covers a partial monetary support to cover the travel expenses, a subsidized registration to the conference, and free accommodation.

How to submit the application

Please submit your travel grant application that includes the applicant’s information and a statement of purpose. The application form is available here.

Instructions for filling out the form

  • Applicant’s Information
    • Email Address: Your institution email id
    • Name: Applicant’s full name
    • Institution: Name and address of the current place of study
    • Program: Bachelor’s (BE/BTech,BS), Masters (M.E./M.Tech./MS), PhD, Other (specify)
    • Branch: E.g., Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology, Data Science, etc.
    • Year of study in program: e.g. In second year of a 4-year program or 2nd year of PhD program
  • Details of the accepted paper/abstract, if applicable.
    • Paper id
    • Paper Title
    • Track of your accepted paper/abstract
  • Statement of Purpose
    • Applicant’s research interest and current accomplishments, and his/her future research plans
    • A description of how the grant will help the applicants with the research plans
    • Any other information that the applicant feels relevant for supporting their application.
    • The total estimated budget for attending CODS-COMAD 2024, and how the travel award can help close the gap
  • Resume
    • An up-to-date resume of the applicant in pdf format (max size: 10 MB).
  • Interest for participation in D&I Track
    • Mention your interest in participating in the Diversity and Inclusion activities and a small writeup on how you would add to the diversity.


  • Please fill out the application form before midnight, 10.11.2023.
  • The decision will be made and communicated by 15.11.2023.
  • Candidates must register by 20.11.2023 to avail themselves of the scholarship.

For applicants under ACM India PhD Clinic:

  • Oct 15, 2023: Application Deadline
  • Oct 22, 2023: Announcement of grants
  • Oct 30, 2023: Registration Deadline