The Young Researchers’ Symposium at CODS-COMAD 2019 invites submissions from students and postdoctoral fellows. This is a unique opportunity for young researchers to have fruitful peer-to-peer discussions and to get feedback from leading senior researchers about their current research work, including developing better understanding of the problems at hand, overarching principles and the limitations of current methods, and presenting new techniques and algorithm.

Submissions to the Young Researchers’ Symposium (YRS) are invited on all topics of interest to the CODS-COMAD 2019 conference, as stated here. Submissions to the YRS should satisfy the following criteria:

  • - The first author of any submission should be a full-time undergraduate / postgraduate / PhD student, or a Postdoctoral researcher having completed his / her PhD not earlier than 2016, affiliated with any academic institution.
  • - The submission should describe your current research including motivation, key related works, methodology, initial results, future plans and specific issues that you intend to discuss at the symposium.
  • - We welcome many kinds of papers, such as, but not limited to: novel research papers, work-in-progress papers, appraisal papers of existing methods and tools (e.g., lessons learned).

Submissions will be evaluated based on clarity of the research proposal, significance of the research work, and relevance to the data science community.

Authors of accepted papers will get a chance to present their work both as a poster and a short oral presentation at the symposium. The proceedings will be published in ACM Digital Library. Additionally, authors of accepted papers will have the choice to opt their paper out of the conference proceedings.

There will be one Best Paper award, to be awarded to the best accepted paper at the YRS. Providing student travel grants to support the participation of authors of accepted papers is under consideration.

Following the plagiarism policy of the CODS-COMAD conference, all submitted papers will be checked for plagiarism, and plagiarised papers will be rejected without review. The submission should not exceed four pages (including all images, tables and references) using ACM "sigconf" proceedings template available at The submission should mention name and affiliation of all author(s), status of first author (Undergraduate / Postgraduate / Doctoral / Postdoctoral), and contact email address. All submissions must be in English and in PDF format.
All papers are to be submitted using Easy Chair at CODS-COMAD 2019 Easy Chair

Submission date
8th Oct, 2018
1st Oct, 2018

Notification date
5th Nov, 2018
1st Nov, 2018

Camera ready:
15th Dec, 2018
15th Nov, 2018

Note: All deadlines are calculated at 11:59pm Anywhere on Earth (UTC -12h). Sahely Bhadra, Department of CSE, IIT Palakkad
Saptarshi Ghosh, Department of CSE, IIT Kharagpur
  • Aadirupa Saha, IISc Bangalore, India
  • Abhijnan Chakraborty, MPI-SWS, Germany
  • Abir De, MPI for Software Systems, Germany
  • Achintya Kundu, IISc Bangalore, India
  • Adway Mitra, IIT Bhubaneswar, India
  • Ansuman Banerjee, ISI Kolkata, India
  • Arindam Pal, TCS Research, India
  • Ashish Rakeshkumarmittal, IBM Research AI, India
  • Bhargava Jagarlapudi, IISc Bangalore, India
  • Chandrashekar Lakshmi Narayanan, IIT Palakkad, India
  • Gautham Tholpadi,, India
  • J. SakethaNath, IIT Hyderabad, India
  • Joydeep Chandra, IIT Patna, India
  • Kripabandhu Ghosh, IIT Kanpur, India
  • Koustav Rudra , Northwestern University, USA
  • Lavanya Sita Tekumalla, Entrepreneur First, India
  • Mainack Mondal, University of Chicago, USA
  • Malay Bhattacharyya, ISI Kolkata, India
  • Mayank Singh, IIT Gandhinagar, India
  • Maunendra Sankar Desarkar, IIT Hyderabad, India
  • Mrinal Kanti Das, IIT Palakkad, India
  • Naresh Manwani, IIIT Hyderabad, India
  • Parantapa Bhattacharya, Virginia Tech, USA
  • Pawan Goyal, IIT Kharagpur, India
  • Plaban Kumar Bhowmick, IIT Kharagpur, India
  • Pradumn Pandey, IIT Kharagpur, India
  • Raman Sankaran, IISc Bangalore, India
  • Rijurekha Sen, IIT Delhi, India
  • Sandipan Sikdar, RWTH Aachen, Germany
  • Sudeepa Roy, Duke University, USA
  • Suman Kalyan Maiti, Northwestern University, USA
  • Syamantak Das, IIIT Delhi, India

For any queries, please write to the Young Researchers' Symposium Chairs
- Sahely Bhadra, IIT Palakkad (sahely [at]
- Saptarshi Ghosh, IIT Kharagpur (saptarshi [at]