Updated list of students who have been offered a travel grant can be found here.

CODS-COMAD 2019 will provide travel assistance to a limited number of full-time students from degree granting institutions. The purpose of the travel grant is to promote participation of students from a diverse set of institutions as well as backgrounds. The number and quantum of awards will be decided based on the available budget.

The travel grant includes free accommodation at a student hostel and monetary support that partially covers the travel expenses as well as conference registration cost. The support may be up to Rs. 4,000. However, the exact amount will be decided on the basis of the merit of the applicant as well as available funds. The prospective participants will have to register first to avail themselves of the grant.

Please submit your travel grant application that includes the applicant’s information and a statement of purpose. The form is available here.
  • -Applicant’s Information:
    • -Email Address: Your institutional email id
    • -Name: Applicant’s full name
    • -Current Place of Study: Name and address of the current place of study
    • -Program: Bachelor’s, MS, PhD, Other (specify)
    • -Number of years in the program: e.g. In the second year of a 4-year program or 2nd year of a PhD program
  • -Statement of Purpose:
    • -Applicant’s research interest and current accomplishments, and his/her future research plans
    • -A description of how the grant will help him/her with the research plans
    • -Any other information that the applicant feels relevant for supporting their application,
    • -The total estimated budget for attending CODS-COMAD 2019, and how the travel award can help close the gap.
  • -Please fill out the application form before midnight, November 15, 2018, IST (earlier it was midnight, November 10, 2018, IST).
  • -The decision will be made and communicated by November 20, 2018.
  • -Candidates must register by November 25, 2018 to avail themselves of the scholarship.

For any queries, please write to the Grant Chair
- Joydeep Chandra, IIT Patna (joydeep [at] iitp.ac.in)